Stay toasty and warm


At Long’s Energy shop, our friendly team can Supply, Install and Service most heating solutions for both domestic and commercial use.
Keeping cool this summer


We offer a very wide range of Cooling options for both domestic and commercial uses, and as always, can supply, install and repair everything we sell.
Safe and reliable


Our team are always here to help you with all of your residential or commercial Electrical needs. From new products to servicing your current equipment, we can help.
Stay switched on


We can help you with all of your Solar energy needs, from installation to ongoing servicing. Solar Energy is growing in popularity due to the reduction you can potentially see in your energy bills.
Reliable hot water year round

Hot water

Ready to upgrade or just after some information on Hot water systems? We can talk you through all of your options including Solar, Continuous Flow, Gas and Electric Storage and Heat pumps.
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