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Solar Hot water & Evacuated Tube Systems

Evacuated Tube Solar Systems consist of a ground mounted storage tank, which is installed separately to tubes mounted on the roof of your home or business. This option runs off of Solar energy, and has a range of storage capabilities. Gas or electric boosters can also be installed alongside a solar hot water system unit, so if there are any times when there’s low solar gain, you know you’re still in good hands. We can install and service any Solar Hot water needs you may have, as well as offer advice for new systems, or keeping your current one running strong.

Continuous Flow

Gas or electric continuous flow hot water systems ensure you never run out of hot water, and are designed specifically with efficiency in mind. Continuous flow hot water systems are a compact unit for convenience, as they heat your water only when you turn a hot water tap on, and keep delivering hot water until that tap is turned off. We size our continuous flow systems based on the number of hot water outlets in the home, rather than the number of people in the house so you will have hot water no matter how many people are using the system. Specialised water controllers can also be added to any of the systems we supply, for maximum temperature control, convenience & most importantly, safety.

Gas or Electric Storage

We offer a wide range of Gas and electric storing options and are sure to be able to help you with whatever your storage needs are. Storage hot water systems are designed to hold water in a tank that’s heated, so that it’s always ready for use. We offer a range of different sizes, shapes and performance options across the Natural Gas, LPG and Electricity ranges. Our knowledgeable team can help you decide on which option is the best for your individual needs.

Heat pump hot water

At Long’s Energy Shop, we can help you find the Heat Pump Water Heater perfect for your home or business. Heat pump water heaters work by absorbing heat from the air and then transferring it to heat the water in your tank.

These are sometimes also called ‘air-source heat pumps’. This type of system operates on electricity, however, they are much more energy efficient than the conventional electric water heater systems. When Heat pumps are used in the right environment, not only do they save energy, but they can also save you money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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